Upcoming Events – November 2022

Here you can find the dates for the upcoming events of the regional companies.

wdt_ID Date Ticker Announcement Country
40 29.11.2022 LKPG Luka Koper Q3 2022 Results Slovenia
41 29.11.2022 LKPG Luka Koper summary of the business plan for 2023, 2023 business performance estimate Slovenia
42 30.11.2022 UKIG Unior Q3 2022 Results Slovenia
43 30.11.2022 CICG Cinkarna Celje Q3 2022 Results Slovenia
44 30.11.2022 CICG Cinkarna Celje performance plan for 2023 Slovenia
45 30.11.2022 CICG Cinkarna Celje financial calendar for 2023 Slovenia

Due to the nature of these events, they are subject to change (might be postponed or canceled).

Category : Flash News

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