On one side, as a group, we are trusted to manage more money than any other independent investment firm while on the other we provide unparalleled and tailor-made execution services in areas of our brokerage, trading and investment banking. Our focus is and remains strictly on our clients. Our focus is and remains strictly on our clients. Our promise is to help them build a better financial future through best in class access to regional markets via non-biased investment advice, prompt execution, and recommendations which tend to serve maximizing our clients’ value.

We aim to bridge the gap between international investors and regional opportunities. Our clients come from every corner of the world economy and mainly involve international and domestic corporates, asset managers, banks and insurance companies, private equity funds and thousands of individuals looking to have a better financial future through investments on the capital market.

Innovating and educating

We have a standing mission to educate and develop our domestic capital markets to internationally recognized standards. We are experienced and passionate about our work and aim to continuously perform at the highest professional and ethical levels. In order to meet such standards we introduce and implement innovative financial products, internationally gained know-how and standards all in order to satisfy our growing clients needs.

We aim to be a responsible corporate firm and to take into account social and governance issues that have a long term impact on our clients, our employees and our community. Long-term sustainability is integrated into our business model and our personnel and represents the driving force to secure value creation framework for all stakeholders.

InterCapital group – tradition and excellence since 2001.

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