IC Market Espresso 17 Jul 2019

Regulator Approves the Petrol’s Acquisition of a Part of Crodux Plin

With the mentioned acquisition, Petrol acquires a part of operations of Crodux Plin, which relates to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Croatian Competition Agency (AZNT) published an announcement stating that they have approved Petrol’s acquisition of a part of operations of Crodux Plin, which relates to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Petrol had until now 29% of Croatian market share in LPG retail and wholesale, so upon finalization of this transaction its market share in Croatia will increase.

With the mentioned acquisition, Petrol acquires a part of operations of Crodux Plin, including Adria Plin. Crodux Derivati Dva, which operates in retail oil derivatives is not a subject of the mentioned transaction.

In the domestic consumption of LPG, Ina accounts for 70%, while 30% of LPG is supplied through import. AZNT states that, since 2013, Croatia has been observing a solid growth in import of LPG, in which Petrol and Crodux Plin account for roughly 10% each. INA has almost 60 percent of total storage capacity for LPG in Croatia, while Petrol will dispose with less than 20 percent of total capacity after concentration.

By acquisition of part of the company Crodux plin, Petrol will also get access to a couple of thousand household customers in electricity retail segment. Petrol has app. 2% of electricity segment market share in Croatia, so its market share will not change significantly.

H1 2019 Release Dates of Regional Companies

As the regional companies will soon start publishing their H1 2019 results, we decided to bring you an overview of their release dates.

In the tables below, you can find the release dates of certain listed companies in Croatia, Slovenia and Romania.

We hope that the tables will help you keep track of the H1 2019 release dates.


wdt_ID Company H1 Release date
1 Podravka 23 July 2019
2 Optima Telekom 24 July 2019
3 Ericsson NT 25 July 2019
4 HT 25 July 2019
5 Končar 26 July 2019
6 TNG 26 July 2019
7 Valamar Riviera 29 - 31 July 2019
8 Atlantic Group 30 July 2019
9 Dalekovod 30 July 2019
10 AD Plastik 31 July 2019
11 Arena Hospitality Group 31 July 2019
12 Atlantska Plovidba 31 July 2019


wdt_ID Company H1 Release date
1 Telekom Slovenije 24 July 2019
2 Cinkarna Celje 31 July 2019
3 Krka 01 August 2019
4 Triglav 20 August 2019
5 Sava Re 22 August 2019
6 Intereuropa 29 August 2019
7 Petrol 30 August 2019
8 Luka Koper 30 August 2019
9 Unior 30 August 2019
10 NLB 06 September 2019


wdt_ID Company H1 Release date
1 Omv Petrom 31 July 2019
2 BRD 01 August 2019
3 Bursa De Valori Bucuresti 09 August 2019
4 Alro 12 August 2019
5 CONPET 13 August 2019
6 Sphera Franchise Group 13 August 2019
7 Banca Transilvania 14 August 2019
8 Fondul Proprietatea 14 August 2019
9 Romgaz 14 August 2019
10 Transgaz 14 August 2019
11 Electrica 14 August 2019
12 Digi 14 August 2019
13 Nuclearelectrica 14 August 2019
14 Transelectrica 14 August 2019
15 Medlife 14 August 2019
16 Purcari 16 August 2019
Slowdown of Growth of CPI in June to 0.6% in Croatia

As the Croatian Bureau of Statistics published their report on CPI for June 2019, we are bringing you some key takes from it.

In June 2019, the prices of goods and services for personal consumption, measured by consumer price index, decreased by 0.3% MoM on average. At the annual level, they increased by 0.6% YoY, while on the annual average they increased by 1.1%.

CPI (2018 – June 2019)

When observing by main groups by purpose of consumption, in June 2019, the highest decrease was recorded in the prices of Clothing and footwear, which decreased by 4.1% MoM on average (seasonal discounts), in the prices of Transport, which decreased by 1.2% on average, in the prices of Furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance, which decreased by 0.9% on average, and in the prices of Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, which decreased by 0.1% on average.

The decrease in the consumer price indices in June 2019 was alleviated by an increase of 1.4% MoM on average in the prices of Restaurants and hotels, of 1.0% on average in the prices of Communication, of 0.5% on average in the prices of Recreation and culture and of 0.1% on average in the prices of Health.

At the same time, in June 2019, the prices of Food and non-alcoholic beverages as well as the prices of Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels remained on average at the May 2019 level.