OMV Petrom Special Dividend Proposal of RON 0.0450 DPS

At the price before the announcement, this would amount to a DY of 9.94%. The ex-date is yet to be announced.

The Executive Board of OMV Petrom announced a special dividend proposal to be paid out in 2022. As the Company outlined in its 20230 Strategy, the Dividend Guidance allows the possibility of a distribution of a special dividend, if the investment plans are funded.

As the Company has a strong financial position in terms of net cash and profitability, the Executive Board decided to propose the payment of a special dividend in the amount of RON 0.0450 DPS. This would mean that the total value of the special dividends is RON 2.55bn, which would also mean that the dividend yield at the price before the announcement would amount to 9.94%.

The special dividend proposal is subject to approval by the Supervisory Board (which will meet on 21 June 2022), but also the GSM. The ex-date and Payment date will be announced through a convening notice of the GSM, which is estimated to be disclosed on 21 June 2022.

As a reminder, OMV Petrom already paid out a dividend of RON 0.0341 DPS (DY 7.4%) on 6 June 2022. Below we provide you with a historical overview of the Company’s dividends per share and dividend yields.

OMV Petrom dividend per share (RON) and dividend yield (%), (2013 – 2022)

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