Luka Koper Maritime Throughput and Revenues in H1 2019

In H1 2019, Luka Koper registered 11.9m tons of total maritime throughput (-1% YoY).

In H1 2019, Luka Koper registered 11.9m tons of total maritime throughput, representing a 1% decrease YoY. However, net sales revenues recorded a 6% YoY increase, amounting to EUR 118m.  The increase could mostly be attributed to the better cargo structure and additional services on goods.

The company states that they registered a decrease of volumes on the car segment (-14%), mostly because of the global slowdown of sales of new cars. The general cargo segment amounted to 704,251 tons, representing a decrease of 9%. This segment (mostly timber and steel products) has been suffering from the unstable political situation in North Africa and the Middle East and volatility for a longer time. On the other hand, the trend of containerization is bringing positive effects, with conventional cargo transports decreasing in favor of container transports, resulting in a 5% increase in containers cargo.

The traffic of containers reached 497,891 TEU in the January – June period 2019, representing a 2% increase. The company adds that an increasingly important segment are the container freight station services, mostly stripping/stuffing of containers, with multiplicative effects on various terminals and bringing opportunities for higher value-added services.

Turning our attention to dry bulk volumes, Luka Koper registered a 9% decrease, amounting to 3.84m tons. Such a decrease can be mostly attributable to two factors: a technical failure at the facility of one of the customers, who uses the port of Koper as a supply point for coal, while the other factor is the delay of ships arrivals into July.

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