Končar Proposes EUR 2 DPS

At the share price before the announcement, this would imply a DY of 1.5%. Neither the ex-date nor the payment date has been announced yet.

Yesterday, the Supervisory and Management Board meetings of Končar were held. After the meeting, the SB and MB proposed the distribution of the 2022 net profit. During the year, the company achieved EUR 15m (HRK 113m) of net profit, and decided to allocate it in the following manner: EUR 750k is to be allocated to legal reserves, EUR 9.16m will be transferred to retained earnings, and finally, EUR 5.09m will be paid out in the form of dividends. This would amount to a payout ratio of 34%, and on a per-share basis, would imply EUR 2 DPS.

The dividend yield would amount to 1.5% at the share price before the announcement. Of course, the dividend proposal is subject to approval by the General Meeting of Shareholders, which will be held on 13 June 2023. Neither the ex-date nor the payment date of the dividend proposal has been announced yet.

At the same time, it should be noted that Končar’s subsidiary, Končar D&ST also announced a dividend proposal recently, more of which you can read here.

Below we provide you with the historical dividends per share and dividend yields of the Končar Group.

Končar dividend per share (EUR*) and dividend yields (%) (2015 – 2023)

Source: Končar, InterCapital Research

*dividends paid out in HRK were converted to euros using CNB’s exchange rate for the period when the dividends were paid out

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