Ericsson NT Signs Traffic Management Solution Contract With The City of Split

Yesterday, Ericsson NT announced a signing of a Traffic Management Solution Contract with the City of Split, worth EUR 1.8m without VAT.

Through this, Ericsson NT has contracted works worth more than EUR 1.8m without VAT for the project “Introduction of Intelligent Transport Systems in the Functional Traffic Area of the City of Split”. The works are related to the implementation of a software solution for traffic management in the control center and informing passengers, and the delivery of the communication backbone.

Explaining this in more detail, the Company said that this will mean that they will establish and maintain a software solution for the Traffic Control and Surveillance Center, including the creation of an information backbone for the “Traffic Management – Traffic Light System and Adaptive Traffic Management” subsystem, as well as develop and implement a mobile app for informing passengers.

The project, whose client is the City of Split and which will be realized by King ICT and Ericsson NT, is worth more than EUR 9.5m without VAT and is co-financed through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 of the European Union. The System and equipment included in this project will be integrated and implemented according to the design and build principle, and the expected duration of the contract is 32 months.

Furthermore, according to the Company, due to the intelligent transport system’s technological performance, will contribute to the increase in traffic efficiency, safety, and sustainability, as well as the reduction of traffic congestion and the emission of harmful gases.

Finally, Ericsson NT notes that they are leading digital transformation in numerous industries and areas of human activities. In addition to solutions for the operator segment, they also create innovative ICT solutions related to healthcare, national and public security, state administration, transport, utility services, and multimedia communication.

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