Ericsson NT Proposes HRK 70.6 Dividend Per Share

Ericsson NT’s Management proposed a dividend of HRK 70.6 per share on Friday. The proposed amount translates into a dividend yield of 6%. Ex-date was set on June 18th.

The proposed dividend represents a significant improvement from HRK 32.5 DPS paid out last year, however one should also note that the financial result in 2017 was significantly lower than in 2018.To read more about Ericsson NT’s FY 2018 results click here.

In the past Ericsson NT’s dividend pay-out regularly surpassed the company’s net income due to the high levels of retained earnings and reserves that the company accumulated over the years. During the years preceding 2018 the company was paying out a regular flat dividend in the amount of HRK 20 which was then increased by an additional dividend. For instance, in 2014 (the year when the highest dividend in the observed period was recorded) the company increased the regular dividend of HRK 20 by an additional dividend of HRK 300. The total dividend of HRK 320 for that year was paid out of the surplus recorded in the company’s legal reserves and retained earnings from four previous years (2004, 2010, 2011 and 2012).

Ericsson NT’s Dividend (HRK)

Ericsson NT’s Dividend Yield (%)

Source: InterCapital Research

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