Arena Hospitality Group Approves EUR 0.7 DPS

At the share price before the announcement, this would imply a DY of 1.92%. The ex-date is set for 4 May 2023, while the payment date is due on 16 May 2023.

Yesterday, Arena Hospitality Group published the OGSM resolutions, including the resolution on the distribution of profit, or rather, the dividend payment. According to the document, Arena’s shareholders approved EUR 0.7 DPS, which at the share price before the announcement would amount to a DY of 1.92%.

As a reminder, after the initial proposal, the Company received a counterproposal for the dividend (EUR 1.37 DPS, DY of 3.6%) more on which you can read here. As the initial dividend proposal was approved at the meeting, this would in effect mean that the counterproposal was rejected.

The ex-date for the dividend is set for 4 May 2023, while the payment date is set for 16 May 2023.

Below you can see the historical dividends per share and dividend yields of the Company.

Arena Hospitality Group dividend per share (EUR) and dividend yield (%) (2019 – 2023)

Source: Arena Hospitality Group, InterCapital Research

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