Earnings Overview – Slovenian Companies H1 2020

H1 2020 was an unflattering period for most Slovenian companies as 9 out of 11 components recorded a YoY decrease in net profit. The effects of the
travel ban, and the lockdown were felt the hardest by Slovenia’s largest oil retail Petrol, whose net profit was sliced in half amid the sudden drop in oil prices and the slowdown of economic activity.

Afterwards come companies associated with the transport of goods and services – Luka Koper and Intereuropa. With economic activity halted both companies posted a plummeting performance. Note that the same goes for industrial companies Cinkarna Celje and Unior. Meanwhile the financial sector posted mixed results with NLB and Triglav posting a lower bottom line performance.

On the flip side, Sava Re was able to boost their bottom line by 43% on the back of recently acquired Vita. With less people traveling through and to Slovenia, the country’s largest telecom operator Telekom Slovenije also posted a declining result amid lower roaming revenue and the shift of subscribers to new, more affordable packages. Finally, as a light at the end of a tunnel comes Krka with their stellar performance on the back of higher demand for healthcare products.

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