IC Market Espresso 3 Sep 2019

Activity on the LJSE in August 2019

Trading statistics for August 2019 show an average daily turnover of EUR 1.03m (+6.4% YoY). Meanwhile, in August, SBI TOP observed a decrease of 1.8%, ending at 854.9 points.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange published their trading statistics for August 2019, showing an average daily turnover of EUR 1.03m, representing an increase of 6.4% YoY.

Of the total (equity) value traded in the period, Krka generated 39.51%, followed by NLB with 10.37%, Triglav with 10.21%, Petrol with 9.89%, KD Group with 9.52%. These 5 shares generated around 80% of the (equity) turnover recorded by the entire market.

Turning our attention to the share price performance of the constituents of the SBI TOP index in August, only 3 out of 11 companies recorded a share price increase. Krka observed the highest increase of 0.7%. Sava Re and Cinkarna Celje follow with a 0.6% and 0.5% increase, respectively. On the flip side, Unior observed the highest decrease of 7.8%. Next come Petrol (-6.1%) and Luka Koper (-4.6%) which went ex-date in August.

When observing the total equity market capitalization, it decreased by 1.4% MoM, amounting to EUR 6.58bn. Krka’s share is the biggest constituent of the total exchange’s equity market capitalization, accounting for about 30.3% of the total value. Next, comes NLB with 16.9%. Further, Triglav holds 10.88% while Petrol accounts for 10.71%.

When compared to the beginning of the month the main index SBI TOP recorded a decrease of 1.8%, ending at 854.9 points.

Activity on the BELEX in August 2019

In August, the Belgrade Stock Exchange observed an average daily turnover of EUR 0.178 m (-18.6% YoY).

The Belgrade Stock Exchange reported a turnover of EUR 3.9m in August 2019 (when observing solely equity), which represents a decrease of 22.1% YoY. This would translate to an average daily turnover of EUR 0.178m (-18.6% YoY).

In August, the most traded share (excluding block transactions) was Jumbes Banka (EUR 1.3m), whose share price increased by 15.1%. Komercijalna Banka follows with EUR 0.69m, recording a share price increase of 0.96%. These two banks were recently in the spotlight as the state was selling their stake in both of the banks. As a reminder, as of May 2019, the Republic of Serbia has no stake in Jumbes Banka, while at the moment the state holds a 50.6% stake in Komercijalna Banka (after it purchased shares back from DEG and Swedfund) which is subject to sale.

NIS comes next, with a turnover of EUR 0.41m, observing a decrease of 1.3%.

When observing gainers of the BELEX 15 index, Sojaprotein observed the highest increase of 5.88%, followed by Impol Seval which recorded a share price increase of 4.26%.

Turning our attention to BELEX15, the index observed a decrease of -0.33%, after observing a relatively high increase of 2.17% in July.