Trading Activity on BELEX – August 2021

Trading statistics for August 2021 exhibit an average daily turnover of EUR 221k (+289.44% MoM). Meanwhile, BELEX15 ended the month with an increase of 2.17%, closing the month at 805.01 points.

The Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX) published their trading statistics for August 2021, recording an equity turnover of EUR 4.86m. This converts into an average daily turnover of EUR 221k (+289.44% MoM).

Omoljica was the front-runner by generating 75.51% of the total turnover recorded in August. Followed by NIS with 7.54% and Vojvodina with 3.36%. Next came Tehnohemija with 2.93% and Komercijalna banka with 2.40%. Previously mentioned top five traded shares generated 91.74% of the total value traded in the period.

Turning our attention to BELEX15 constituents, Alfa Plam, which has the lowest weight within the index at 1.83%, witnesses the biggest increase of 53.62% putting their share price to RSD 31,800. Komercijalna banka comes next with an increase of 38.39%. Messer Tehnogas and Jedinstvo follow with a raise of 13.79% and 5.88%, respectively.

On the other hand, Metalac records the biggest decrease out of BELEX15 constituents at 2.11% which puts their price per share at RSD 1,860. It’s also worth noting that BELEX15 observed a decrease of 95.32% MoM (or EUR 3.61m).

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