Telekom Slovenije Publishes 2023 Business Plan

In 2023, the company expects a net operating profit of EUR 20.1m (-28% compared to the 2022 plan), an EBITDA of EUR 206.2m (-2.4% compared to 2022 plan).

Key objectives of the Telekom Slovenije Group for 2022

  • Operating revenues – EUR 680.8m (+3.1% YoY compared to 2022 plan)
  • EBITDA – EUR 206.2m (-2.4% YoY compared to 2022 plan)
  • Net operating profit – EUR 20.1m (-28% YoY compared to 2022 plan)
  • Investments – EUR 205.5m (+1.2% YoY compared to 2022 plan)

Telekom Slovenije Group 2023 goals

The Company notes that the expectations for 2023 are marked by an exceptional uncertainty of the economic environment, which is especially related to the conditions on energy markets, as the continued war in Ukraine and global epidemic conditions make the environment increasingly harsher to deal with.

The group sets an ambitious plan for 2023, with a focus on turning the trend of the past few years and achieving both growth in revenue as well as in the number of users across all segments, further solidifying market its shares.

Telekom Slovenije plans to generate operating revenues of EUR 680.8m. Under the assumption that electricity prices and the conditions on the financial markets remain at the same level, the company should achieve an EBITDA of EUR 206.2m. If we were to calculate with the electricity prices from 2022, Group would achieve growth both in EBITDA and bottom line.

Further, Telekom Slovenije Group plans EUR 205.5 million in investments for 2023. Along with the expansion and upgrades of the fibre optic access network and the continued development and modernization of the mobile network, the planned investments also include programming rights and capitalization of leases in accordance with IFRS 16.

Telekom Slovenije Group’s 2023 Annual Business Plan is based on the data and forecasts that were available by December 2022, and taking into account the regulations and forecasts for the trends of the macroeconomic environment.

The 2023 Annual Business Plan is based on the Strategic Business Plan of the Telekom Slovenije Group for the 2022-2026 period, and the Management Board will prepare an updated strategic plan for the next three-year period by mid-2023.

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