Slovenian Mutual Fund Asset Structure – December 2021

As of December 2021, Slovenian mutual funds have EUR 4.34bn under management, which amounts to an increase of 3.5% MoM or 34% YoY increase.

Slovenian mutual funds have EUR 4.34bn under management as of end of 2021. In 2021 funds have increase for EUR 1bn representing a 34% YoY rise. In 11 out of 12 months in 2021, investment funds have been growing their total AUM (Assets under management). Realized figure of AUM of EUR 4.36bn presents the record since the data is being tracked, namely from June 2007.

Equity Holdings of Slovenian UCITS funds (EUR bn)

Looking over the net contributions in Slovenian mutual funds over 2021, they increased last three months in a row, increasing by 30.2% MoM in December alone to EUR 60.5m, marking the highest monthly net contributions since March 2021, when they stood at EUR 72.8m. When looking at total net contributions in 2021, they amounted to EUR 483.7m. In terms of the asset structure of the funds, as of December 2021, shares amounted to 71.3% of total assets (or EUR 3.09bn), representing a 5.4% increase MoM, and also marking the largest share in total assets they’ve held since July 2015. Looking at data since the beginning of the year, the percentage of shares in the total amount of assets increased by 2.6 p.p. (from 68.7% to 71.3%).

Net contributions in the Slovenian mutual funds (EUR m)

Of that amount,  domestic equity holdings equate to EUR 71.3m, which represents an increase of 1.5% MoM and a decrease of -5.73% when compared to the levels before the COVID-19 pandemic, i.e. January 2021. However, in the entire 2021, domestic equity holdings are up by 23.4% (compared to 21.6% in November 2021). On the other hand, foreign equity holdings amount to EUR 3.02bn, thus making up the majority of the Slovenian mutual funds. The 2nd most held assets are bonds, which make up 15.3% (or EUR 664.3m), followed by investment funds with 7.3% (or EUR 316m), and money market, deposits and cash with 5.8% (or EUR 250.4m)

Total assets of all Slovenian UCITS funds (EUR bn)

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