Share Price Performance of European Football Clubs

For today we decided to present you with a share price performance of listed European football clubs since 1.1.2020.

It has been exactly a week since Dinamo Zagreb knocked out Tottenham from Europa League and thus qualifying into the quarterfinals of the tournament. The victory will definitely go into history books as one of the biggest wins in the club’s existence, as the club did not stay this far in the competition for more than 50 years.

As a result, we decided to revisit the share price performance of listed European football clubs since 2020.

Market Cap of Selected Football Companies

Back in the 1990s when competition prizes, sponsorship and TV rights were not as lucrative as today, many clubs decided to raise capital through an IPO in order to secure the funds need to purchase the best players and finance future results. European football clubs that decided to offer their shares to investors can be found in the STOXX FCTP index (which has been discontinued back in August of 2020).

The ongoing pandemic has very negatively affected football clubs in many ways, such as the ticket sales and broadcasting revenues as well as compensations received from UEFA. In the graph below, you can see the performance of certain FTCP index constituents with the addition of Manchester United, which show mixed results. As visible from the graph, on the gainers side one can notice that, since the beginning of 2020, 4 out of top 5 gainers are Turkish clubs, with Besiktas leading the list (+138.4%), followed by Galatasaray (+79.8%). On the flip side, 12 clubs have witnessed a double-digit decrease, with Roma leading the losers (-57.9%).

Share price performance since 1.1.2020

If we were to observe the share price performance on a YTD basis the situation is somewhat different. On the top gainer side, we still see Besiktas as the leader (+44.6%), however, the other 3 Turkish clubs found their place among the losers.

When looking at the clubs which qualified to the quarterfinals of the Europa league, 3 are listed – Roma (-6.4% YTD), Ajax (-1.9% YTD) and Manchester United (+1.4% YTD).

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