Romania’s Government Falls in No-Confidence Vote

The no-confidence vote was passed in the parliament with 238 votes, 5 above the required 233-vote majority.

Yesterday, Romania’s social-democrat party (PSD) was toppled in a no-confidence vote, a year earlier than the general election. The mentioned no-confidence vote was passed in the parliament with 238 votes, above the required 233-vote majority.

PSD lost their parliamentary majority in August after the junior partner, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), in the governing coalition withdrew support following disagreements.

Starting today, president Klaus Iohannis will hold consultations with all parliamentary parties, then make a nomination that he believes can obtain a confirmation vote in the Parliament. However, at the moment it is difficult to predict who will be the next prime minister. Despite the success of the motion of no confidence, the Liberal Party (PNL), according to Romanian media, would not have a parliamentary majority to support its own government.

It is worth mentioning that unless the president and the political parties reach an understanding quickly, there is an option for the current cabinet to continue as interim for another 45 days. Note that an interim government cannot pass Emergency Ordinances and legislative projects, so it would not be able to adopt the next budget.

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