Podravka Proposes HRK 13 DPS

At the price before the announcement, this would amount to a DY of 2.1%. If approved, the ex-date would be set for 13 July 2022.

Podravka Supervisory Board has met and approved the financial results for the year 2021. They have also accepted a proposal for the distribution of profit for the year made by the Management Board. At the Group level, this would mean that HRK 91.3m would be paid out as dividends, representing a pay-out ratio of 28.7%, and a gross dividend of HRK 13 per share. Compared to last year Podravka increased the dividend amount by 44% YoY. This is HRK 4 per share more than it was paid last year when the gross dividend was HRK 9 per share. At the share price before the announcement, this would amount to a dividend yield of 2.1%.

As a reminder, in challenging 2021 Podravka Group achieved strong results with sales revenues in the amount of HRK 4.6bn (+2.8% YoY) and a net profit of HRK 309m (+24.2%YoY).

The ex-date for the payment is set for 13 July 2022, the record date is set for 14 July 2022, and the payment date is set for 12 August 2022. The decision on the distribution of profit is subject to approval by the General Assembly of the company. The meeting of the General Assembly will be held on 14 June 2022.

Dividend per Share (HRK) and Dividend Yield (%) (2016 – 2022)

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