NLB to Introduce Fees on Deposits over EUR 250k

According to media, monthly compensation will be 0.04%.

According to Slovenian media, NLB will start charging a monthly fee of 0.04% percent for average monthly balances of customers’ assets over EUR 250,000 from 1 April this year. The sum of balances on NLB Personal Accounts and Packages, NLB Savings Accounts, NLB Gradual Savings and NLB Deposits will be taken into account.

The trend of introduction of fees on deposits has already been seen in many banks throughout Europe, so such a decision does not come as a surprise. This way the bank will try to tame the inflow of deposits which have been steadily increasing in the recent years. In the first 9m of 2020, deposits from customers have increased by as much as 6.9% or EUR 796.5m. At the same time, cash and balances with Central Banks increased by 43% or EUR 909.6. As a reminder, the mentioned increase represents a burden to the Group’s net interest income, as the bank pays 50bps on deposit facility interest rate.   

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