NLB Approves EUR 3.37 DPS

Dividend yield is 4.5%. Ex-date is 22 December.

The NLB General Meeting decided on additional allocation of distributable profit for 2020, as the Bank of Slovenia’s decision restricting the payment of dividends expired at the end of September. They confirmed the proposal made by the NLB Management and Supervisory Board, which is that EUR 67.4m of distributable profit or EUR 3.37 per share be paid to the NLB Shareholders on 24 December 2021.

NLB will therefore pay out a total of EUR 92.2m (EUR 4.61 per share) as dividends to the Shareholders this year (EUR 12m on 22 June, EUR 12.8m on 18 October and EUR 67.4m on 24 December). This is in line with the initially communicated dividend payment by the Management and is in line with our estimates as well.

As a reminder, the company already paid out EUR 1.24 this year, in two installments. To read more about it click here.

We note that the ex-date is 22 December.

Category : Flash News

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