M+S Hydraulic H1 2019 Report

In H1, the company recorded a decrease in sales of 9%, a decrease in EBITDA of 21% and a net profit of 28%.

As M+S Hydraulic published their H1 2019 results, we are brining you key takes from it. According to the report, in H1 the company reported sales of BGN 60.8m, representing a decrease of 9% YoY. Furhter, the company’s operating expenses amounted to BGN 52.3m, which is a decrease 5%. The mentioned decrease came from lower expenses for materials were by lower by BGN 2.6m

In H1, EBITDA amounted to BGN 12.6m which represents a decrease of 21%

Going furhter down the P&L, the company reported an EBIT of BGN 8.47m, which is a decrease of 28% YoY.

Net profit amounted to BGN 7.6m, which represents a decrease of 28% YoY.

M+S Hydraulic Performance (H1 2019 vs H1 2018) (BGN m)

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