Monbat AD January 2019 Brief Overview

In January 2019, Monbat AD recorded an increase in revenues of 8.7%, increase in EBITDA of 41.3% and an increase in EBT of 78.6%.

As Monbat Group published a brief overview of their January 2019 results, we are brining you some key takes from the it. In January, Monbat generated net sales revenues of BGN 28.9m, which represents an increase of 8.7% YoY. Of that, Production accounted for BGN 26.5m, which represents 92% of the total sales.

The Group reported EBITDA of BGN 3.8m which represents an increase of 41.3% YoY.

Meanwhile EBT amounted to BGN 2m, representing an increase of 78.6%, compared to January 2018.

Category : Flash News

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