MedLife Acquires Micromedica Medical Center

With this acquisition, the Group reaches a portfolio of 26 acquired companies.

MedLife published an announcement on the Bucharest Stock Exchange announcing that they acquired the majority share of Micromedica Medical Center, one of the most important providers of private medical services in Moldova.

Micromedica has been active on the private healthcare market since 1995 and offers patients a wide range of investigations, from multidisciplinary consultations for over 28 medical specialties and laboratory services, to complex imaging investigations. The group comprises of six medical units located in the cities of Piatra Neamț, Bacău, Roman, Bicaz, Roznov and Târgu Neamț, all equipped with high-quality medical equipment.

With this acquisition, MedLife Group reaches a portfolio of 26 acquired companies, the latest one announced being Romanian Lotus Hospital, the most important provider of private medical services in Prahova county.

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