Luka Koper Publishes Preliminary 2023 Results

Yesterday, Luka Koper published a quick overview of its preliminary 2023 results. In this quick overview, we’ll go through the main points.

According to Luka Koper, in 2023 they expect net revenue of EUR 308.8m, an increase of 1.7% compared to 2022. Higher throughput was recorded on both strategic cargo groups (containers and cars), while the total maritime throughput reached 22.3m tonnes.

In terms of maritime throughput in tonnes, Luka Koper General cargo to reach 1.11m tonnes, representing a decline of 15% YoY. Containers are expected at 9.8m tonnes, an increase of 1%, while cars are expected at 1.57m tonnes, a 13% increase. Liquid bulk cargo is estimated at 4.5m tonnes, a 3% reduction, while dry bulk cargo is estimated at 5.29m, a 15% reduction. As such, the total maritime throughput is expected at the aforementioned 22.3m tonnes, a 4% reduction YoY.

In terms of the maritime throughput in units, containers are expected to achieve 1.07m TEU units, a 5% increase YoY, while cars are expected to reach 916.7k units transported, a 14% increase YoY.

Luka Koper recently also published the summary of its 2024 – 2028 Strategic Business Plan, more on which you can read here.

Luka Koper maritime throughput by categories in tonnes (2023 vs. 2022)

Source: Luka Koper, InterCapital Research

Category : Flash News

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