Loans of Croatian Financial Institutions – January 2022

In January 2022, the total loans of financial institutions in Croatia amounted to HRK 280.24bn, which is an increase of 1.34% YoY and a decrease of -0.02% MoM.

The Croatian National Bank (HNB) published its monthly report on the changes in the Croatian financial institutions. In it, we can see that in January 2022, the total loans of all financial institutions amounted to HRK 280.24bn, an increase of 1.34% YoY and a slight decrease of -0.02% MoM.

The largest segment, household loans, had an increase of 3.7% YoY, and 0.08% MoM. This marks the 2nd month in a row that household loans increased, starting a positive trend in 2022. Meanwhile, corporate loans recorded a decrease of -0.99% YoY and -0.32% MoM.

Corporate and Household Loans Growth Rate (YoY)

In total, loans issued to households amounted to HRK 141.6bn. This increase was mainly driven by housing loans, which increased by 8.2% YoY (or HRK 5.12bn), and 0.36% MoM (or HRK 240.8m). The Government’s subsidizing program had a positive influence on the growth of these loans. In January, they held the largest share of the household loans, at 48%. Consumer loans, which maintain 37.6% of all household loans, increased to HRK 53.3bn, an increase of 2.44% YoY, or 0.5% MoM.

The household loans growth was offset by the lower result of credit card loans, which decreased by -23.1% (or HRK -826.6m) YoY, and -15.5% (or HRK -504.2m) MoM. The 3rd largest category, other loans, decreased by -4.31% YoY, -0.45% MoM, and amounted to HRK 8.8bn. Meanwhile, overdrafts on transaction accounts, which is the 4th largest category (at 4.38% of total), decreased by -2.85% (or HRK – 182.3m) YoY, while at the same time, increasing on a MoM basis by 1.2% (or HRK 73.5m). Combined, these four segments make up 96.27% of all household loans, which is an increase of 31 bps MoM and 68 bps YoY.

Loans to Households (HRK m)

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