Krka Approves EUR 5.63 DPS

At the share price before the proposed dividend, the DY would amount to 5.85%. the ex-date is set for 19 July 2022.

Krka has announced the resolutions of its annual General Meeting of Shareholders held yesterday, 7 July 2022. According to the resolutions, the distribution of 2021 was approved, in the following manner: EUR 175m as dividend payment, EUR 71.8m as other profit reserves, and EUR 71.8m as retained earnings. This would mean that the dividend payout ratio amounts to app. 54.9%, with a gross dividend payment of EUR 5.63. This also represents a dividend yield of 5.85%.

The app. 55% of the dividend payout ratio follows the dividend payment policy outlined by the company, according to which at least 50% of the net profit will be distributed as dividends, after all the investments and acquisitions that the Company has plans for are accounted for.

The ex-date is set for 19 July 2022, while the payment date is set for 21 July 2022. Below we provide you with the historical dividends per share and dividend yields of the Company.

Krka dividend per share (EUR) & dividend yield (%) (2009 – 2022)

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