How Often Do CROBEX Components Outperform the Index

With a solid YTD CROBEX performance, we decided to bring you a short overview of how often CROBEX components outperformed the index since the beginning of the year.

For today we are bringing you an overview of how often the current CROBEX components managed to beat the index since the beginning of the year. For this, we calculated the percentage of times (out of 122 trading days) in which an individual share recorded higher yield than the index.

Percentage of Days When the Share’s Performance Beat CROBEX (YTD)

As visible on the chart below, three out of sixteen shares mostly performed better than the index on a daily basis. The first among them is Valamar, which recorded higher yield than CROBEX 54% of the times. However, the company’s share underperformed the index by 0.9 p.p.

Next comes Optima Telekom, which recorded higher yield than CROBEX 53% of the times, while outperforming it by 219 p.p. (the highest of all components). Ericsson NT follows, observing a higher yield 51% of the times while outperforming the index by 2.3 p.p.

Next comes Adris, whose share price (preferred) observing a higher exactly half of the times. Meanwhile, the share price outperformed the index by 5.1 p.p.

On the flip side, Dalekovod recorded lower yield than CROBEX 57% of the times, which is the highest of all components. It also under-performed the index by 41.7 p.p. (worst of all constituents).

Share Price Performance of CROBEX Components vs CROBEX Performance (YTD)

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