Ericsson NT Signs New Agreements Worth EUR 6.8m

Yesterday, Ericsson NT announced the signing of several contracts in the field of digital transformation of public administration and services.

In June and July, Ericsson NT announced the signing of several new contracts in the segment of digital transformation for public administration and services. These contracts have a total value of over EUR 6.8 million, excluding VAT.

According to the press release, a two-year Framework Contract on the Maintenance of the Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadaster (JIS) was signed with the Croatian Ministry of Justice and Public Administration and State Geodetic Administration. The agreement pertains to the maintenance of the Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadaster (JIS). Under this contract, Ericsson NT will provide corrective, preventive, adaptive, and perfective maintenance services, as well as special services and support for the import of cadastral municipalities into JIS and the establishment of the Land Database. These services ensure the continuous operation and upkeep of all JIS functionalities, which have been developed since 2007 and significantly enhanced in recent years through funding from the World Bank and European funds. JIS serves as an internal application for approximately 2,000 employees of the client, and its publicly available part (OSS) experiences a growing number of users each year. The OSS receives more than 200 million queries annually and offers over 80 developed services to various institutions. Furthermore, more than 30 institutions regularly utilize data from JIS. Notably, JIS is one of the first systems in the Republic of Croatia in which the information system connects two institutions at the level of data and business processes.

Another significant contract was signed with the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute. The purpose of this agreement is to develop a national application that will connect to the EU Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI) system. The successful implementation of this project will automate the generation of certificates and P5000 forms, which confirm insurance periods during an individual’s work in the Republic of Croatia. This automation will greatly expedite the process.

Additionally, Ericsson NT will collaborate with the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family, and Social Policy on a project aimed at creating and establishing a system for the e-delivery of collective agreements. The objective is to digitize certain aspects of the business processes related to the receipt and recording of collective agreements. The company plans to develop an information system for e-delivery and an e-database of collective agreements to streamline and modernize this process.

Lastly, Ericsson NT notes that these recent contracts underscore Ericsson NT’s commitment to leveraging its technological expertise to drive digital transformation within the public sector. By providing innovative solutions and services, the company aims to enhance efficiency, improve processes, and facilitate the seamless exchange of information in various governmental domains.

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Source: ZSE, InterCapital Research

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