Ericsson NT Signs Contract to Modernize Kosovo Telecom Network

Ericsson NT and Kosovo Telekom signed a contract worth more than HRK 65m, for the modernization of the core radio and network and the maintenance of the network of the Kosovo operator.

Yesterday, Ericsson NT announced the signing of a contract worth more than EUR 65m, between Kosovo Telecom and Ericsson NT. The contract includes the modernization and virtualization of Kosovo Telecom’s entire core network, the introduction of the most advanced equipment in the radio part of the network, and the implementation of the Kosovo country code 383 in the network.

According to Kosovo Telecom’s CEO, the contract will enable Kosovo Telecom to not only expand the coverage with 4G broadband technology in the entire residential area but also enter the era of 5G coverage technology. Furthermore, the Company will migrate to its own international code 383 and thus benefit by avoiding the costs of using the international code of Monaco.

The President of Ericsson NT also commented on the occasion, saying that the contract will improve the quality of services provided to end users and prepare the network infrastructure for the creation of new services based on modern technology. Ericsson NT employs almost 3,500 experts, 1,800 of whom work in software design and have the opportunity to create technologies of the future. With this partnership, Ericsson NT strengthens its position in the Kosovo market.

Category : Flash News

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