Croatian Regulator Publishes H1 2020 Data Traffic Report

In Q2, data traffic grew by 46%, while in H1 revenue in the electronic communications market decreased by 5.4% YoY.

As Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) published their H1 2020 data traffic report, we are bringing you its key takes. In Q2 of 2020, data traffic as well as the number of minutes in the mobile telephone network grew on a YoY basis. To be specific, in April, data traffic reached record consumption compared to all previous measurements, a total of 191 PB (+58% YoY). On a quarterly basis, data traffic compared to the same period in 2019 grew by 46%. Such a high increase in data traffic should not come as a surprise given the surge in businesses, education institutions and others working from home as a measure to contain the spread of Covid-19.   

In the H1 of 2020, total revenue in the electronic communications market decreased by 5.4% YoY. The decrease in total revenues could mostly be attributed to lower revenues from fixed and mobile telephone services of 14.2%, which was partially offset by  the growth of revenues in the broadband Internet access market (+2.8%) and the growth in pay-TV market (+2.6%).

Although total fixed network investment grew 7.7%, the growth was mostly generated by an increase in investment in intangible assets, while investment in tangible assets decreased. Therefore, the regulator adds that in the coming period, greater investments in broadband access infrastructure are necessary in order to maintain the positive growth trend of high-speed broadband connections. On the other hand, in the mobile network, investments in network equipment grew by 7.2% YoY.

Looking at broadband connections in the fixed network, the number of connections via fiber optic access technology continues to record the highest growth, and about 10% of users have broadband Internet access via FTTH / FTTB connections. Roughly 40% of users in the fixed network gain access to the Internet at speeds greater than 30 Mbit / s, or over 11% at speeds greater than 100 Mbit / s. The number of users of 4D packages exceeded the number of 3D packages for the first time, and it can be expected that in the next year the largest number of users will use 4D packages. Slightly more than 56% of households use pay-TV services.

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