Croatian and Slovenian Indices Change Composition as of Today

Both CROBEX and CROBEX10, along with Slovenian SBITOP slightly change composition with the changes valid as of today. AD Plastik is excluded from the composition in CROBEX10, while Span will replace the missing spot. Further, Unior is excluded from the SBITOP composition.

The Index Committee of the Zagreb Stock Exchange announced the revision of CROBEX and CROBEX10, which was based on trading data from 1 March 2022 until 28 February 2023.


AD Plastik leaves composition in CROBEX10, which should not come as a surprise. Due to an already mentioned shock from the geopolitical situation, along with the ongoing semiconductor shortage, AD Plastik remained under the radar for many asset managers and funds, resulting in a much lower recent turnover on ZSE. Span, which was the last IPO on the stock exchange, will replace the missing spot.

HPB, INGRA, FTB Turizam and Plava Laguna did not meet the requirements of the Index Committee and were therefore excluded from CROBEX and CROBEXtr. On the other hand, Kutjevo, which met the criteria of the Index Committee was therefore included in CROBEX and CROBEXtr.

You can find the new composition of CROBEX10 in the table below.

wdt_ID Ticker Free float factor Number of shares Representation Factor
1 ADRS2 0,95 6.784.100,00 1,00
2 ARNT 0,50 5.128.721,00 1,00
3 ATGR 0,45 13.337.200,00 1,00
4 ATPL 0,80 1.395.520,00 1,00
5 ERNT 0,55 1.331.650,00 1,00
6 HT 0,45 78.775.842,00 0,61
7 KOEI 1,00 2.572.119,00 1,00
8 PODR 0,85 7.120.003,00 0,95
9 RIVP 0,55 126.027.542,00 1,00
10 SPAN 0,55 1.960.000,00 1,00

Source: ZSE, InterCapital Research

Further, SBITOP also has a changed composition with Unior being excluded from the Index. Besides the exclusion of Unior, no other company is on a watch list for inclusion/exclusion. Also, the changes within the SBITOP are valid as of today, just like with CROBEX & CROBEX10.

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