AD Plastik Proposes HRK 8 DPS

At the current share price dividend yield is 4.3%. Ex-date is 22 March 2021.

AD Plastik published a document on the Zagreb Stock Exchange announcing that the company’s Supervisory board has confirmed the proposal of the Management Board regarding the dividend payment in the amount of HRK  8 per share. The mentioned dividend should be paid from retained earnings for 2019. At the current share price, dividend yield is 4.3%.

The mentioned news was positively accepted by the investors, as AD Plastik’s share price jumped by 5.1% yesterday, closing at HRK 185.5 per share.

Ex-date is 22 March 2021, while the dividend would be paid on 26 March. The dividend payment is subject to approval at the AGM which should be held on 16 March.

In the graphs below, we are bringing you a historical overview of the company’s dividends per share and dividend yield.

Dividend per Share (2013 – 2021) (HRK)

Dividend Yield (2013 – 2021) (%)

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