7SLO ETF – the Best Performing Security on ZSE so far in 2021

7SLO ETF increased by as much as 24.7% YTD.

For today we decided to look at the YTD share price performance of Croatian blue chips listed on ZSE. We note that only liquid shares with a market cap of more than EUR 100m and ETFs were included in the overview. Out of 15 observed securities, 8 have observed a YTD double digit increase.

As visible from the graph, the best performing security on ZSE is 7SLO, a total return ETF which tracks the performance of the SBITOPtr index. The ETF showed a stellar performance in 2021, increasing by as much 24.7% YTD. Meanwhile, we note that the ETF increased by 33.7% since its listing back in November 2021. The ETF also showed a very solid turnover of more than HRK 13m in 2021. The other ETF listed on ZSE, 7CRO, which tracks the performance of CROBEX10tr index also noted quite a strong performance, increasing by 10.6% YTD.

Podravka comes second with a a 22.5% increase, as food companies have showed resilience to the pandemic. This can be further supported by the performace of other food companies on the ZSE, Atlantic Grupa which noted a very solid increase of 11.9% and Kraš which increased by 10.3%.

On the flip side, Arena Hospitality Group noted a decrease of 4.7% as tourist companies were significantly affected by the ongoing pandemic situation. We have recently published a brief overview of a YTD performance of sectors in the region, which can be found here.

YTD Performance of Selected Securities on ZSE

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