Valamar Publishes 2018 Expected Revenues and EBITDA

Valamar expects and increase in revenues between 11.6% and 12.2% YoY and an increase in EBITDA between 14% and 15.5% YoY.

Valamar Riviera has published a document in which they report that their preliminary 2018 results.

According to their statement, revenues in 2018 are expected to be between HRK 1,985m and HRK 1,995m which will be higher than the expected revenues were. Compared to the previous year, revenues will increase between 11.6% and 12.2%.

Furthermore, they state that Valamar’s EBITDA is expected to be between HRK 690m and HRK 700m, which would translate into an increase between 14% and 15.5% YoY.

Category : Flash News

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