Triglav Went Ex-date

As a reminder, the shareholders approved at the General Assembly the distributable profit of the Company’s consolidated net profit of the previous year in the amount of EUR 1.75 per share, representing a dividend yield of 5%.

Triglav went ex-date yesterday, which refers to the dividend in the total amount of EUR 1.75 per share. We note that the dividend yield was 5% (at the share price a day before the announcement). The share price decreased yesterday by 4.9%, which is in line with the aforementioned DY of 5%. Finally, we note that the payment date is set for tomorrow, 19 June 2024.

As a reminder, we note that the company has been a consistent dividend payer prior to the pandemic, paying out EUR 2.5 per share for 5 consecutive years (as visible on the graph below). However, results from previous year, that translate to this year’s dividend payment, was influenced mainly by the price regulation of supplemental health insurance and CAT claims, resulting in net profit that was below the original plan. Taking everything into account, the appropriate level of capital adequacy is maintained with the proposed dividend amount.

Dividend per Share (EUR) and Dividend Yield (%) (2014 – 2024)

Source: InterCapital Research, LJSE

Category : Flash News

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