Triglav Issues EUR 100m Subordinated Bond

Yesterday, Triglav announced the issuance of a EUR 100m Subordinated bond, with a 20.5-year duration, callable after 10.5 years, and a yield of 6.75%.

The bond issuance is part of Triglav Group’s regular capital management activities that are carried out every couple of years. This issuance refers to a 20.5-year subordinated bond, also marked as Tier 2 under Solvency II, which is callable after 10.5 years.

The total size of the issue is EUR 100m, with a yield of 6.75%. Triglav further noted that until the first reset date, the bond carries a fixed annual interest rate of 6.70%, with the coupon payable annually. After the first reset date, the interest rate becomes variable, and the coupon is paid quarterly.

The ISIN code of the issue is XS2848005166. Lastly, according to the Group, the bond was aimed at well-informed investors and will be admitted to trading on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange regulated market.

Category : Flash News

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