Transelectrica Publishes FY 2020 Results

Transelectrica published their FY 2020 results yesterday, showing a -1% YoY decrease in sales, EBITDA +11% YoY and net profit of RON 114m (+18% YoY).

Transelectrica sales in FY 2020 amounted to RON 2.4bn representing a -1.2% YoY decrease mainly determined by the operational results related to zero profit activities (balancing market) and to the reduced amounts of delivered electricity. Namely, the total amount of electricity billed for services provided on the electricity market (53.85 TWh) registered a 3% YoY decrease.

The segment of profit allowed activities registered a 2% YoY decrease in revenues, mainly determined by 4% decrease of transmission revenues and of other revenues on the energy market. This was due to a diminished electricity quantity delivered to customers while the average tariff approved by ANRE for such services was about RON 0.08 / MWh higher in 2020 compared to 2019, owing among others to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

EBITDA was up 10.5% YoY, amounting to 437.5m as operating expenses fell 3.6% YoY. Operating profit of the profit allowed activities amounted to RON 61m, decreasing 55% YoY, meanwhile operating profit from zero-profit activities soared to RON 108m from last year’s loss of RON -22m.

Below the operating line, the company posted a net financial loss of RON -2m, marking a 77.4% improvement from last year’s net financial loss of -8.7m.

Finally, net profit amounted to RON 113.7m, representing an +18.4% YoY growth.

Turning our attention to the balance sheet, the company posted a net cash position of RON 386m, thus continuing to operate virtually debt free.  

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