Trading Activity on the LJSE in October 2020

Trading statistics for October 2020 show an average daily turnover of EUR 0.93m (+6.8% YoY). Meanwhile, SBI TOP ended the month with a 6.22% decrease.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) published their trading statistics for October 2020, showing a somewhat lower equity turnover compared to the previous month of EUR 20.51m. This translates into an average daily turnover of EUR 0.93m (+6.8% YoY).

Of the total value traded in the period (excluding block transactions), Krka generated EUR 5.71m (or 29.5%), followed by NLB Group with EUR 3.83m (or 19.8%). Next come Petrol with EUR 2.73m (or 14.1%) and Triglav with EUR 2.2m (or 11.7%). Sava Re follows with EUR 1.99m or (10.3%). These 5 shares generated 85.4% of the turnover recorded by the entire (equity) market.

When observing the total equity market capitalization, it observed a 5.3% MoM decrease (or EUR 335.1m) and currently amounts to EUR 6.02bn.

In October, the Slovenian equity market as represented by SBITOP dropped by as much as 6.22%, which notes the biggest decrease since March (-19.17%). Such a high decrease came on the back of a newly imposed “lockdown“ in Slovenia. To be specific, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, the Slovenian Government has imposed relatively harsh restrictions. Therefore, for the first time since WW2, a restriction on movement at night was introduced, meaning that Slovenian’s are not allowed to leave their homes from 9 pm until 6 am (with some exceptions). As a result of the imposed restrictions, many shops were closed in October, while the operation of hairdressing and beauty salons, wellness centres, swimming pools, cinemas, theatres and gyms is prohibited. In addition, starting late October, passing from one province to another was prohibited (unless given an acceptable reason).

As visible from the graph below, Petrol’s share price leads the losers with a monthly decrease of 10.1%, closing the month at EUR 302 per share. As a reminder, Petrol’s share price has sharpy increased in September on the back of the news on liberalization of retail fuel prices, which you can read about here. Following the news, the share price increased to as much as EUR 337 per share in early October. However, the share price has since than fully reverted. 

Next comes NLB Group with a decrease of 9.8%, closing the month at EUR 34.1 per share and reaching all time low.

Share Price Performance of Slovenian Blue Chips (October 2020)

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