Trading Activity on LJSE – February 2022

In February 2022, SBITOP decreased by -15.25%, ending the month at 1,093.91 points.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange has published its trading statistics for February 2022, showing a total equity turnover (including block trades) of EUR 51.8m. This would also mean that the average daily turnover was EUR 2.6m, an increase of 47% MoM.

Meanwhile, the total value that was traded in this period (excluding block trades) amounted to EUR 49.7m. Of that, 58.6% (or EUR 29.1m) was made by Krka, followed by NLB Group with a turnover of EUR 7.47m (or 15%), Petrol with a turnover of EUR 4m (or 8.1%), Triglav, with EUR 2.52m (or 5.1%), and Sava Re, with a turnover of EUR 1.57m or 3.16%. In total, these top 5 most traded stocks amounted to 89.9% of the entire turnover. If we were to look at the top 10 stocks, this would amount to 99.2% or EUR 49.3m.

Looking over to the performance of the Slovenian blue-chips during the month, all 8 companies experienced a negative return, which follows the trend across Europe due to the current Russia-Ukraine conflict escalation. This also means that the majority of this decline happened in the latter part of February. Breaking this down further, the largest decline was experienced by Krka, which decreased by -27.8%. Considering the fact that 35% of the Company’s total sales are in the Eastern Europe region, and app. 21% of that 35% is in Russia, with another 6% in Ukraine, this decrease does not come as a surprise. Next up we have NLB, which declined by -12.8%, followed by Triglav with a decrease of -10.9%, Petrol with -9.3%, Cinkarna Celje with -7.9%, Luka Koper with -7.1%, and Telekom Slovenije, with a decline of -5.2%.

Performance of SBITOP constituents in February 2022 (%)

This is also evident when looking at the total equity market capitalization, which decreased by -17.3% and amounted to EUR 8.03bn at the end of the month. In total, this had a negative influence on the SBITOP index, which declined by -15.25% and ended the month at 1,093.91 points.

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