Trading Activity on LJSE – December 2021

In December 2021, SBITOP increased by 2.94%, ending the month at 1.258,80 points.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) has published its trading statistics for November 2021, which shows an equity turnover of EUR 36.8m. This means that the average daily turnover was EUR 1.75m (+14% MoM).

Looking over to the total value that was traded in this period (excluding block transactions), this number amounted to EUR 31.6m. Of that number, Krka generated EUR 12.8m (or 40.5%), followed by NLB Group with EUR 7.48m (or 23.6%), Petrol with EUR 4.66m (or 14.7%), Sava Re with EUR 2.12m (or 6.7%), Triglav with 1.30m (or 4.11%), Luka Koper with 1.10m (or 3.5%), Cinkarna Celje with 1.06m (or 3.4%) and Telekom Slovenije with EUR 788.3k (or 2.5%). Combined, these shares make up 99% of the turnover that was recorded on the entire equity market in December.

Looking over at the total equity market capitalization, it demonstrated a 2.8% increase and currently stands at EUR 9.51bn. December also continued the growth trend on the LJSE, with the SBITOP index increasing by 2.94% MoM (ending December at 1.258,80 points).

At the end of December, most blue-chip companies (6 out of 9) experienced an increase MoM. Leading the way in this metric is Petrol, with experienced a 12.6% increase MoM, followed by KDHR Group (3.14%), Cinkarna Celje (1.97%), Krka (1.72%), and Triglav with 1.10%. On the flipside, Sava Re experienced the largest decrease (-3.13%), followed by Luka Koper with -2.4%. It should also be noted that as of the end of December 2021, SBITOP increased by as much as 41% over the entire year.

Performance of SBITOP constituents in December 2021 (%)

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