Trading Activity on BVB – February 2022

In February, BET decreased by -3.59%, ending the month at 12,716.51 points.

The Bucharest Stock Exchange has published its monthly trading data for February 2022. In the report, they highlight that during the two years of the pandemic, the Romanian capital market went up by 55% (expressed by BET-TR which includes dividend reinvestment) or 39% if taking BET index into account only. Compared to January 2022, the transactions with shares listed on the Regulated market decreased by -32.6% and amounted to RON 1.36bn, app. EUR 275.3m.

This would also mean that the total equity turnover on the Exchange amounted to EUR 275.3m, which would translate into an average daily turnover of EUR 13.8m. Turning our attention to the top shares with the highest turnover, Banca Transilvania had a turnover of EUR 55.5m (or 20.2% of total equity turnover), followed by BRD with EUR 34.5m (or 12.6% of total), OMV Petrom with EUR 30.6m, Fondul Proprietatea with EUR 20.5m, and Sif Muntenia, with EUR 19.8m.

Looking over to the BET constituents, we can see that out of 19 companies, 16 had negative returns, with only 3 companies having a slightly positive return. The largest decline was experienced by Purcari, which lost -20.8% of its value, followed by ALRO with -16.5%, Teraplast with -15.6%, and Nuclearelectrica, Transgaz, and Transelectrica, with -10.59%, -10.31%, and -10%, respectively. Out of the remaining companies, only Digi, Banca Transilvania, Fondul Proprietatea and OMV Petrom, and One United Properties had declines of less than -5%. On the flipside, Romgaz, BRD, and BVB were the only ones with positive returns, at 1.72%, 0.5%, and 0.4%, respectively.

This decline was recorded across all equity markets due to the uncertainty leading to the Russian invasion of Ukraine (e.g. the Russian declaration of Luhansk and Donetsk Republics on 21 February), as well as the invasion (24 February) itself. It should also be noted that February is the month when Romanian companies release their preliminary FY results, which also had an effect on this.

In turn, this would mean that the BET index experienced a decrease of -3.59%, ending the month at 12,716.51 points.

Performance of BET constituents in February 2022 (%)

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