Trading Activity on Belex – November 2022

The Belex (Belgrade Stock Exchange) released its monthly report on trading activity in November 2022. The report states that the total equity turnover amounts to EUR 4.6 million, a decline of about 1.7% compared to October. This would also mean that the average daily turnover amounted to EUR 229.1k.

Looking at the companies, PP Feketić was the one that was traded the most on the exchange, with a turnover of EUR 1.45m and a share price gain of 16.11% MoM. The next company is Jedinstvo, which showed a minor increase in the share price of 5.26% MoM and had a turnover of EUR 1.09m. They are followed by Messer Tehnogas, NIS, and Dunav osiguranje, who each had a turnover of EUR 673k, EUR 558.9k, and EUR 372.1k, respectively.

Looking at the biggest gainers during the month, we have Beogradmontaža with a monthly increase of 125%, followed by Dinara with 52%, and Putevi, with an increase of 46.3%. On the other hand, Pik Pešter lost 41.2% of its value, followed by Alfa plam, which lost 30% of its value, and Impol Seval, which lost 7.4% of its value.

Finally, BELEX 15, the primary index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, increased by 2.71% during the month, ending at 815.83 points.

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