Span Went Ex-date

Yesterday, Span shares went ex-date. When comparing it to the closing price yesterday, the stock decreased by 2%, which is slightly lower than the DY of 2.1%.

This refers to the previously approved dividend of EUR 1.33 per share or a dividend yield of 2.1%. On the market closing price yesterday, the stock declined by 2%, which is slightly lower than the dividend yield.

The payment date is set for 3 July 2023.

As a reminder, in FY 2022 Span recorded a very strong year. The top line noted a double-digit increase of 12% (even under Ukraine’s negative influence on this item), an EBITDA increase of 64.1%, and a bottom line increase of more than 2x. Further, Q1 results continued in a growth trend. We note that during 2022 company employed more than 200+ people and further growth is expected. Finally, we emphasize that Span acquired a leading Estonian company in licensing & SAM business segment, which should further boost upcoming results.

To put things in perspective, since the beginning of the year, Span’s share was by far the best-performing stock on ZSE and the most liquid one in the first quarter. Span’s share price increased by almost 70%, even after taking into account the mentioned decrease attributed to the ex-date – as without the dividend payment incentive for investors to invest in a stock vanishes.

Category : Flash News

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