Span Announces Initiation of Incorporation of the Company in Georgia

Yesterday, Span announced that they have initiated the procedure for the incorporation of the company Span with headquarters in Georgia.

Span noted that this was one of their goals, as the markets of East Europe and Central Asia region are among Span’s strategic focuses. As such, this action is an additional confirmation of this, besides the already existing affiliated companies in Ukraine, Moldova, and Azerbaijan. Furthermore, Span noted that at the time when TOV Span was founded in Ukraine, the Company had received Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) status for Georgia and Moldova.

The intention of the Company was after registering the company in Moldova, to initiate the registration of the company in Georgia as well. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Russian aggression against Ukraine, and threats to Georgia, they took special caution. Span further notes that over the past few months, they’ve made quality contacts and secured everything necessary to enter the Georgian market. At the same time, Microsoft is consolidating LSP partners in many markets, including Georgia. As such, Span finds this to be the optimal moment to enter the market as an experienced medium-sized partner on a global scale.

Category : Flash News

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