Slovenian Mutual Fund Asset Structure – November 2021

As of November 2021, Slovenian mutual funds manage EUR 4.19bn, representing a 1.3% increase MoM.

This increase marks a YTD increase of 29.5%, with the funds having increased their AUM for 10 out of 11 months during 2021 thus far. The amount of EUR 4.19bn AUM also represents the highest amount the funds ever had, (since available data – June 2007).

Equity Holdings of Slovenian UCITS Funds (EUR bn)

Looking over to the net contributions in Slovenian mutual funds, over the 11 months of 2021, they increased steadily MoM, amounting to EUR 423m, which continues the year’s positive trend. In terms of the asset structure of the funds, as of November 2021, shares amounted to 70% of total assets (or EUR 2.93bn), which represents a very tiny -0.05% decrease MoM, and a YTD increase in the percentage of shares in the total amount of assets of 0.5 p.p. (from 69.5% to 70%).

Net contributions in the Slovenian mutual funds (EUR m)

Of that, the domestic equity holdings amount to EUR 70.2m, representing a 0.7% increase MoM and a drop of 7.1% when compared to the levels it had before the COVID-19 pandemic (January 2021). However, on a YTD basis, domestic equity holdings are up by 21.6%. On the flip side, foreign equity holdings amount to EUR 2.86bn, making up the majority of the Slovenian mutual funds. The 2nd most held assets are bonds, which make up 15.7% (or EUR 659.7m), followed by investment funds with 7.2% (or EUR 300m) and money market, deposits & cash with 6.2% (or EUR 260m).

Total assets of all Slovenian UCITS funds (EUR bn)

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