Slovenian Mutual Fund Asset Structure – January 2022

In January 2022, the Slovenian mutual funds have EUR 4.27bn under management, which is a decrease of -1.6% MoM and an increase of 28.6% YoY.

Slovenian mutual funds have EUR 4.27bn AUM (assets under management) in January 2022. Meaning that on a YoY basis, the AUM of the funds increased by 28.6%, while on a MoM basis, they decreased by -1.6%. This also breaks the positive trend of AUM increases the funds experienced during the last several months, but at the same time, the EUR 4.27bn figure is one of the highest the funds have been at, only surpassed by the last months’ record high of EUR 4.34bn under management.

Equity Holdings of Slovenian UCITS funds (EUR bn)

Looking over to the net contributions of the funds, in January 2022, they amounted to EUR 26.2m, starting the year in green. At the same time, the number of subscribers also reached 496,684, marking the largest amount of subscribers the funds had in their history. When looking at the net contributions over the last twelve months, that is TTM (trailing twelve months), they amounted to EUR 466.5m, which is several times higher than the EUR 179.6m experienced during the same period of 2020.

In terms of the asset structure of the funds, in January 2022, shares amounted to 71.1% (or EUR 3.03bn) of total assets under management, a slight decrease of 0.3 p.p. MoM. Following them we have the bond holdings, which amounted to 15.4% (or EUR 657m), followed by investment funds with 7.1% (or EUR 304m) and money market, deposits and cash with 6% (or EUR 256m). On a YoY basis, shares increased their % of total assets by 2.4 p.p., while simultaneously, bonds decreased by 2.1. p.p. over the same period.

Net contributions in the Slovenian mutual funds (EUR m)

Of that amount, domestic equity holdings amount to EUR 77.3m, an increase of 8.45% MoM and 30.7% YoY. On the other hand, foreign equity holdings amount to EUR 2.95bn, a decrease of 2.2% MoM, but an increase of 33.1% YoY. This does support the fact that during the last year, foreign securities had a strong rally after the COVID-19 pandemic started to wind down and the economies started to recover. At the same time, the 2% decrease MoM also signals that there was a slight selloff of foreign securities, which is in line with the current sentiment on the global market (expectations of higher interest rates, and general uncertainty) which does drive the funds to reduce their exposure to this type of risk.

Total assets of all Slovenian UCITS funds (EUR bn)

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