Slovenian Companies Issue Announcements Regarding Covid-19 Implications

Due to an outbreak of coronavirus in Slovenia and strict government measures, Slovenian companies are adapting to work in emergency situations. Here you can find the announcements by the following companies: Petrol, Triglav, Telekom Slovenije and Luka Koper


Following the Ordinance on Temporary Suspension of Offering and Selling of Goods and Services to Customers in Slovenia, Petrol closed all of its F&B facilities and convenience stores, with only service stations remaining open.

In terms of work organization, Petrol implemented all measures required to secure the stability of its business and the safety of staff and customers. Moreover, Petrol formed a coronavirus coordination team, which is in charge of protecting employees and preparing plans and policies that are in line with stopping the coronavirus outbreak.

Petrol is taking all actions needed to ensure continuity of its supply chain and operations at all service stations, thus allowing for important supply of energy products across the country.


Since Triglav Group is thoroughly monitoring the development of coronavirus epidemic and strictly following measures of the competent institutions, the Company adjusted its operations so that business can be carried out solely through electronic and telecommunication channels. As of 16th March 2020, the conclusion of insurance, claim settlement, asset management services and other services on the Slovenian market are managed on distance. In addition, Triglav adapted its insurance and asset management services to cater to the specific situation on individual markets.

Currently, it is not possible to accurately assess the effect of Covid-19 on business performance due to unpredictable and volatile environment. The public will be informed timely in case of material change in the circumstances or performance estimates of the Group in relation to forecasts.


After the virus began spreading across Europe, Telekom Slovenije started undertaking activities and adopting precautionary measures based on its Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), formed to be initiated in the case of troublesome events. Hence, the establishment of BCMS enables uninterrupted delivery of Telekom Slovenije’s key services in the case of further coronavirus outbreak and possible pandemic.

On 25th February 2020, the Company’s Security Council held an exceptional meeting and agreed on activities in the case of a pandemic. The Company customized the work of its specialists so that they can monitor network operations and guarantee technical support to clients remotely by utilizing the latest technology. Furthermore, special attention is given to cyber security.

Telekom Slovenije is undertaking all the measures aiming at the protection of both employees and users of its services. On 13th March 2020, the Company closed sales centers across Slovenia, directing the clients to use digital channels, while employees are operating remotely from home.

The present situation is a main challenge for the ICT industry, as during the virus eruption telecommunication companies face increased voice, data and video traffic, with 50% above usual circumstances. Nevertheless, so far Telekom Slovenije has been handling this issue effectively.

As a socially responsible corporation, Telekom Slovenije donated to the University Medical Centers in Ljubljana and Maribor ventilators and other equipment for treating coronavirus patients.

Due to the uncertainty of the situation, the company cannot give estimates how long the measures for limiting the spread of the coronavirus at the national level will last. Therefore, it cannot estimate the effect of these conditions on the business results and operations of the company.


Luka Koper notes that due to the complexity of the global logistics situation, they will be able to assess the impact of the epidemic on transhipment and business ex-post, possibly as part of the business reporting Q1 2020, which, according to the financial calendar, is scheduled for the end of May 2020.

The company states that it is impossible to predict the consequences at this moment as shipping companies and other stakeholders in the supply chains adapt their operations to the current situation. It is also impossible to foresee the consequences of the measures taken by the countries in Europe and elsewhere.

 Luka Koper is constantly in touch with the shipping companies and all other business partners and they are monitoring the situation and adapting to changes. Work operations in the port proceed normally.

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