Quarterly Revision of SBITOP

Pursuant to the Instructions for Indices, Liquidity Criteria, Price List and other Statistics a quarterly review of index calculation parameters of the SBITOP and SBITR was carried out and the index weighting factor of an issue of shares index was established. We note that no major significant changes occur in SBITOP composition with no new companies being included in/excluded from SBITOP and SBITOP TR.

As of today, new calculation parameters are valid. SBITOP has slightly different weighting compared to the previous one with no new significant changes. Further, no company is being included in / excluded from SBITOP and SBITOP TR.

In addition, no candidate is on New Watch list for exclusion, while also no candidate is yet considered to be included.

Below we present you a current weighting for each SBITOP constituent.

wdt_ID Ticker Index free float capitalisation (in EUR) Weight (%)
1 KRKG 824.191.170,00 29,50
2 PETG 556.383.096,00 19,92
3 NLBR 520.800.000,00 18,64
4 ZVTG 308.720.575,00 11,05
5 POSR 193.962.273,00 6,94
6 LKPG 159.068.000,00 5,69
7 CICG 113.763.162,00 4,07
8 TLSG 104.567.648,00 3,74
9 EQNX 12.155.256,00 0,44
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