Podravka Adopts 3-year Business Plan

Podravka has adopted a three-year business plan for the period from 2022-2024.

On Friday, Podravka has announced the adoption of a 3-year business plan for the period from 2022-2024. The plan will detail all the business activities of both the divisions of Podravka Group, (Food and Pharmaceuticals) which will be done in the aforementioned period.

The main component of the plan includes a 3-year investment path through which construction of a new logistics and distribution center will be undertaken. It should be noted that this will be one of the largest capital investments for the Company in the forthcoming period. The location chosen for the construction of this center will be the business zone Danica, Koprivnica.

The decisions made relating to the logistics and distribution center represent a continuation of the optimization of logistics processes that was started in the middle of 2021. Currently, the Company is in the process of preparing the required documentation and acquiring the needed licenses, which should be completed by autumn 2022.

Through the completion of this project, the Company will consolidate a larger amount of storage spaces, which currently are located in 18 different locations. This will significantly improve the efficiency of the logistics and distribution process, and strengthen the Company’s competitiveness in the coming period.

The Company also notes that the construction and usage of this new center will have a positive environmental impact due to the lower CO2 emissions because of the lower truck transportation in the city of Koprivnica area.

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