Petrol Proposes EUR 0.7 DPS

At yesterday’s closing price, the dividend of EUR 0.7 per share would have a dividend yield of 3%.

This morning Petrol published an announcement on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange regarding the distribution of net profit from 2022. The Company proposed a dividend of EUR 0.7 per share.

The amount for the dividend is set by taking into account the difficult business conditions in 2022, necessary investments, free cash flow, the Company’s debt level, development plans, retained earnings from previous years, appropriate net debt to EBITDA ratio and the liquidity situation.

At yesterday’s closing price of EUR 23.60 per share, this would amount to a DY of 3%. The dividend proposal is subject to approval at the GSM.

As a reminder, the dividend policy target for the 2021-2025 strategic period is 50% of the Group’s net profit, taking into account the investment cycle, Group indicators and achieved objectives. This is all part of the long-term financial stability of the Company, which combined with the stable dividend policy, is aimed at ensuring a balanced dividend yield for shareholders while at the same time, using the free cash flows to finance the Company’s investment plans.

Dividend Per Share (EUR) & Dividend Yield (%) (2013 – 2023)

Source: LJSE, InterCapital Research

Category : Flash News

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