NLB Approves EUR 2.5 DPS

Dividend yield is 3.8%. Ex-date is 24 June.

The NLB General Meeting decided on additional allocation of distributable profit for 2021, as the Bank of Slovenia’s decision restricting the payment of dividends expired at the end of September. They confirmed the proposal made by the NLB Management and Supervisory Board, which is that EUR 50m of distributable profit or EUR 2.5 per share be paid to the NLB Shareholders on 28 June 2022.

We note that the Company has published its 2022 outlook in 2021 FY results where it expects to pay out EUR 100m as a dividend that is subject to legal remedies against the adopted Swiss francs law and its potential impact on the capital position.

The Bank is aware of the importance of dividend payments as the chosen method of returning capital to owners, so it intends to continue to communicate planned dividend payments in a clear, reasoned, and timely manner. The proposed change in the frequency of pay-outs does not in any way alter the Bank’s intention to pay out EUR 100m 2022, at the same time allowing corporate actions to be adjusted to market conditions at a given time.

We note that the ex-date is 24 June.

NLB Dividend Per Share (EUR) and Dividend Yield (%) (2019 – 2022)

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